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Thanks to their special lining fabric and the high quality, non-irritant neoprene used as the insulating and support material TSM supports have won worldwide recognition not only in medical but also in professional, amateur and leisure sporting applications (i.e. under extreme loads with generation of considerable heat and perspiration) and have proved outstandingly effective enhancement of circulation by micro massage (skin stimulation), which means:

good joint control, due to mechanical support provided by components which can be tailored to individual requirements,

local compression by individually attachable pads, tensioning and stabilizing straps,

more rapid and increased load capacity of the locomotor system due to greater flexibility of the muscles and greater elasticity of the tendons and ligaments,

improvement of motor system due to optimum ambient temperature, stimulation of nociception (positional reflexes), promotion of healing due to improved circulation of blood through the injured tissue to be treated, activation of muscle tone, i.e. TSM supports do not cause muscle atrophy. Natural pain relief due to higher temperature, possible reduction of drug therapy, e.g. muscle relaxants, analgesics, antiinflammatories, faster relief of bruising/effusions, reduction of swelling, no blockage of venous return, no heat build-up,

thorough warming of covered areas and retention of generated heat even while resting, warmup period accelerated and enhanced, avoidance of localized heat loss, perceptible increase in load capacity of muscles, ligaments and tendons in the active phase, faster rehabilitation and regeneration due to enhanced circulation and metabolic processes, easy to keep clean (washing) retention of shape and compression properties, durability.

  • good fit,
  • no pinching and/or microinjuries in the joint areas,
  • controlled wicking of perspiration away from the body even at maximum exertion
  • no skin softening,
  • no slippage of supports,
  • only slightly restricted freedom of movement.

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Actively we support associations in different sports. The performances of the sportsmen give impulses to our work.

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