Indications Function securing supports

Function securing supports

  • complaints involving soft tissue around the joint
  • proven ligament lesions and their consequences
  • instability of the joint with  effusions, including chronic
  • swelling of soft tissuea
  • habitual luxation
  • degenerative changes with chronic irritation
  • chronic  inflammatory complaints
  • slight complaints related to dislocation of disks
  • cervical syndrome
  • postoperative hernia, abdominal operations
  • postiure damage
  • hyperlordosis
  • injuries resulting from cervical spine distortion
  • degenerative or postoperative functional disturbances of the joint
  • patellar chondropathy


Stabilization supports

  • joint instabilty as a result of ligament lesions for conservative or post-operative care chronic conditions of pain caused  by a particular movement/load
  • chronic irritation caused by degenerative  and inflammatory changes
  • condition after syndesmoplasty (in order to  hinder certain movements)
  • stiffening of connective tissues
  • more serious complaints related to dislocation of disks
  • widening of the  intervertebral spaces
  • ecurrent lumbago
  • hronic, degenerative or inflammatory changes
  • postoperative care after operations on joints
  • hip luxations/subluxations (aftercare of advanced forms of dysplasia)


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