Mode of Action

The insulating layer, which varies in thickness between 1.5 and 5 mm depending upon the support, stabilizes the muscles, provides gentle, uniform compression and reflects back the heat released by the skin.

The reflected heat, improved circulation and heat receptors located in the tissues increase the intramuscular temperature depending upon depth and the soft tissue zone.

This results in:

  • a distinctly improved motor system
  • short response times
  • perceptible pain relief
  • greater elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons, i.e. a higher load capacity
  • enhanced metabolic processes, i.e. accelerated rehabilitation and regeneration.

The perspiration released by the skin is not absorbed by the insulating layer (which is water-repellent), but is instead passed downwards through the lining fabric by air circulation and a pumping action between the skin and insulating layer and released into the clothing or ambient air.

In this way, any excessive heat loss due to evaporative cooling, which may promote injury or inhibit healing, is prevented (see section "Temperature and humidity behavior of TSM supports").

Air circulation within the lining fabric arises by a pumping action due to the movement of the support itself and the different inertial properties of skin and support. This continuous air exchange prevents the heat build-up which is otherwise usual with neoprene supports and can prove very unpleasant, especially with relatively large supports in conjunction with perspiration. Normal physiological conditions are maintained in the body parts covered by the support.

Use for several hours, even with extreme exertion, is possible.

Material structure

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