Temperature and moisture behavior

If neoprene supports are to be used for an extended period or with extreme exertion, i.e. as a rehabilitation or preventive measure, it is essential for them to exhibit physiologically acceptable temperature and humidity behavior. Heat must be dissipated and perspiration wicked away sufficiently effectively for the skin to be able to breathe and for heat build-up not to occur.

Development of heat and perspiration wicking

In 1996, the Institute for Applied Ergonomics in Munich carried out an investigation with the aim of documenting the development of heat and humidity in "TSM lumbar wraps and knee supports" under various exertion conditions in comparison with similar, competing products.

The following diagram shows the variation in skin surface temperature with and without a TSM support with exertion
(average values).

The following conclusions may be drawn from the diagrams below which originate from the same study:

Diagrams 1+2

  • the TSM support ensures a distinctly higher temperature than any of the other supports tested, both in the exertion and the resting phase,
  • heat build-up does not occur with TSM supports,
  • even under extreme conditions, in either the exertion or the resting phase,
  • excessive heat loss, which promotes injury, due to evaporative cooling does not occur with TSM supports (red shaded zone),

Diagrams 3 + 4

  • with the TSM support, movement in the lumbar region brings about a distinct reduction in humidity (pumping action),
  • the maximum humidity value (approx. 75 %) for the TSM support does not occur until the end of phase III in the resting phase despite elevated temperatures, a highly satisfactory result from the standpoint of occupational physiology.

Test report from the Institute for Applied Ergonomics, Munich 1996

Wearing tests to determine the temperature and humidity behavior of knee supports and lumbar wraps with increased exertion (bicycle ergometer).

Measuring point, back:

Diagram 1
Diagram 2

Phase I: Warming up, 6 min
Phase II: Exertion 30 min Pulse rate/min 130 +/- 10
Phase III: Resting, 60 minutes' sitting

Ambient conditions:

- 50 % relative humidity
- no additional air movement
- supports uncovered

blue: TSM support
pink: neoprene support, type 1
green: neoprene support, type 2
red: knitted support
black: back without lumbar wrap


Wearing tests to determine the temperature and humidity behavior of knee supports and lumbar wraps with normal exertion (on treadmill). Measuring point, back:

Diagram 3
Diagram 4

Phase I: Sitting for 30 minutes
Phase II: Walking for 30 minutes
Energy conversion approx. 200 W
Phase III: Sitting for 30 min

Ambient conditions:

- 50% relative humidity
- supports uncovered

blue: TSM support
red: knitted support
black: back without lumbar wrap

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