TSM supports are neoprene supports which both stabilize and promote better circulation of the joint. The improved circulation and the excellent insulation properties promoted by the neoprene ensure that the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the covered areas are warmed much quicker and more intensively and are thus more elastic, more flexible and less susceptible to overstrain. Sudden attacks of overstrain can be prevented much easier and thus reduce the risk of injury. The pain relief that goes hand-in-hand with this means that movements in general are more natural, muscles and ligaments much more relaxed. The thermic insulation and the wicking away of perspiration and excess warmth as promoted between support and skin ensure a constant temperature and level of moisture.

The use of a particularly skin-friendly form of neoprene, and the lining designed especially for TSM supports hinders the development of allergic reactions and skin irritations which are often the pain of support wearers.
The anatomically formed TSM supports with their physiological warmth and micro massage, regulated wicking of perspiration and skin-breathability have excellent wearer comfort properties, are unlikely to slip and do not pinch. They have been tested in both medical rehabilitation and in professional and amateur sports for prevention and regeneration and have passed all tests with flying colours.

With these TSM supports we wish to offer patients, as well as prevention/health conscious, sporty and active people, a simple way reducing the risk of overstrain and injury. And to offer full support for the speedy regeneration of the body after stress and rehabilitation after injury.

TSM supports:

  • enhance circulation
  • support and activate muscles
  • regulates perspiration and warmth
  • skin-friendly

TSM supports promote a feeling of physical wellbeing and security.

TSM has sponsored for 20 years different sports associations

Actively we support associations in different sports. The performances of the sportsmen give impulses to our work.

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